Historias de los alumnos…

He pedido a mis estudiantes que escribieran una historia con los alumnos del grupo como personajes…aquí os dejo el resultado del trabajo de uno de los grupos.

Seven super heroes were in their English class when the mayor called them. He told them: «A terrible monster had appeared in the river that cross the city. The monster killed the king».

Inmediately  Super Jesus flew and the rest of the group followed him. Super Ricardo used his green eyes to wrap the monster with a plant coat. He had got this power after having an accident in a near garden. Then Daniela, the super teacher, drew her magic sword which she had since she was sixteen. She hurt the monster’s neck and he began to bleed. At this moment Super Natalia took the blood and went to the palace. She threw the blood over the king and he became alive again.

While Super Natalia was in the palace, Super Maca and Super Cristina were flying over the monster’s head and with a special light destroyed the monster. Finally  Super Leonard kicked the monster’s body and said «He had died».

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